About us

In 1960, the Vermandere family set up a workshop, which included repairing the ploughs of nearby farms.

At one point, when a local monastery was looking for a cooker hood, they called on the Vermandere family's craft to do so, and the origins of its main business, namely the production of custom-made cooker hoods, were laid.

In 1995, when no further expansion was possible at the existing site in Heule, the company moved to its current location in Gullegem.

After three generations of Vermandere at the helm, on 1 January 2019, Karel Lafosse and Benjamin Vandorpe took over the company.

The knowledge and know-how were used to tap a new opportunity in 2020 : the production and commercialisation of disinfection columns with automatic hand-free dispensers under the brand name HandsHero

In 2023, the activities of Lafosse, Vermandere and HandsHero were consolidated within LAVA Group BV and Bo Samaey and Björn Callewaert joined the company as partners.