Discover V-Hood™, the automatic demand-controlled cooker hood

A cooker hood that adapts automatically, to what is really needed, saving on energy?
A cooker hood that automatically lowers noise levels and increases comfort?
It's a reality today with the Vermandere V-Hood™, Vermandere's automatic demand-controlled cooker hood.

The technology behind the Vermandere V-Hood™
An intelligent camera constantly scans the cooking surface and detects any activity, be it stewing, baking, roasting or opening a steamer. The Vermandere V-Hood™ then adjusts the motor speed
of the fan continuously according to the real need. Temporarily placing a fryer under the cooker hood,
or even replace or rearrange the entire hot line. No problem, the Vermandere V-Hood™ sees what is changing under the cooker hood and adjusts automatically.

As the engine speed and consumption are continuously adjusted to the ideal situation, in
summer, this results in savings of up to 38% compared to normal consumption. In winter, in addition
less compensation with treated air is needed and savings run even higher.

For larger cooking areas, the Vermandere V-Hood™ combines several cameras into 1 image. Thus, cooking lines up to 9 metres long can be controlled via the Vermandere V-Hood™.

Setups with several fume hoods placed together on one central extraction motor are no problem either. The control system regulates the speed of the pulse and extraction motor, together with the positions of the supply valves to facilitate the most optimal air flow rate, for each individual cooker hood. And this for up to 4 individual cooker hoods on 1 motor.

The V-Hood™ controller can be fitted to new Vermandere cooker hoods as well as applied to existing cooker hoods, whether Vermandere or another brand.

The internationally patented Vermandere V-Hood™ (Patents pending), combines energy saving, flexibility and modularity.